Top 15 Marijuana Strains for Pain Relief Worldwide

Top 15 Marijuana Strains for Pain Relief Worldwide

One of the many health benefits of marijuana is that it is truly effective when it comes to providing pain relief. Marijuana is not just a recreational plant but medical herb as well. The reason why many countries all over the world are pushing for its legalization is because this therapeutic herb provides relief and can treat certain kinds of diseases.

You can find many drugs in the market today that promise to relieve all your pain away. However, some of these drugs are unhealthy since most of them are made out of synthetic ingredients. Unlike marijuana, it is organic, safe, and effective. We have compiled the best worldwide marijuana seeds ,if you are searching for the top 15 marijuana strains for pain relief worldwide, then you will wide this article very helpful.

Top 15 Worldwide Marijuana Seeds 

  1. Blueberry Kush

If you are one of those individuals who is experiencing discomfort from time to time, then it is time for you to end the suffering and take Blueberry Kush. This amazing strain provides great relaxing and soothing effects to your body. Blueberry Kush is recommended to be taken for bedtime use. If you want to make sure that you are able to sleep and forget all you’re the body pain that you are feeling, then it is time for you to take Blueberry Kush. It has 19% THC level which is great for relieving both generalized and severe pain. Apart from providing great pain relief, Blueberry Kush also has a delectable berry and earthy flavor and aroma.

  1. Bubba Kush

This is another popular marijuana strain that is effective when it comes to relieving headache and muscle tension. You can also start saying goodbye to your back pains after consuming Bubba Kush. And this is because Bubba Kush provides a very potent and strong narcotic effect that can relieve all sorts of pain. It is advisable that you take Bubba Kush after working hours since this can make you feel sleepy. It contains 25% THC level and is also recommended for individuals who are suffering from loss of appetite. Thanks to its THC and terpene pinene, Bubba Kush is one of those strains that have outstanding analgesic effects that reduce inflammation.

  1. Jack Herer

Named after a popular marijuana activist, Jack Herer is one of those superior quality strain that is known for combatting pain. It is considered to be one one of the most potent marijuana out there and is also great for boosting one’s energy. Not only is Jack Herer effective in relieving all your pain away, but it is also great for treating anxiety, depression, ADHD, PTSD, and more. It has a whopping 23% of THC that is will surely get rid of all the pain that you are feeling inside your body. You also need to make sure that you take it during the evening.

  1. Harlequin

One of the most sought-after medical marijuana is Harlequin. It is a topnotch medical strain that offers a vast range of health benefits. It is given to patients who are suffering from pain. This Sativa dominant hybrid has a 5:2 ratio of CBD and THC. This means that this strain does not give the user a strong high but rather gives them a clearer state of mind. For this reason, Harlequin can be used both in the day and evening. Aside from having powerful pain-relieving effects, Harlequin also acts as an antioxidant. It has a mellow high that relieves arthritis, migraine, headache, and even neurodegenerative disease.

  1. ACDC

ACDC is the perfect strain for those who wanted to relieve their chronic pain, back pain, and multiple sclerosis. It has 19% CBD levels that mean that you will almost not feel any psychoactive effects. Because it has higher CBD levels, ACDC is perfect for controlling pain. You can find many hospitals and medical professionals today who are prescribing ACDC strain to their patients.

  1. Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is also a very popular medical marijuana strain available in the world today. It has high THC levels and low CBD levels. It is perfect for relaxing during the daytime since it gives the users energizing and invigorating effects. People who have used Sour Diesel for relieving pain says that it is the best marijuana for those people who wanted to relieve their pain yet don’t want to experience a sedative feeling. It has 35% THC level and is perfect for relieving chronic pain.

  1. Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a very beneficial marijuana strain. It is known for relieving back pain, neuropathic pain, migraine, generalized pain, inflammatory arthritis, and even chronic pain. Marijuana experts recommend that they use Blue Dream during daytime since it gives the patient or the user a happy and energizes feeling. If you are looking for a great marijuana strain that can give you mild euphoria, then this is the right strain for you. What makes Blue Dream popular is that it relieves your pain without inhibiting you to carry out your daily task.

  1. White Widow

White Widow originated from the Netherlands and it is known for improving one’s mood and at the same time excellent in relieving pain sensation. It has 20% THC levels and 1% CBD. This is the perfect strain for those individuals who wanted to relieve pain caused by inflammation. White Widow is also the perfect strain for those who are experiencing sore muscles. And aside from helping you get rid of all the pain that you are feeling, White Widow is also known for its very relaxing and calming effects.

  1. Cannatonic

Cannatonic is also known as the restorative marijuana strain. It is high in CBD and terpene and is one of the most favorite marijuana strains of people who are suffering from chronic pain. It has a very smooth effect that has a very good aroma and flavor. With Cannatonic, you won’t have to worry about restricting social interactions and decrease in productivity. This is because Cannatonic does not only give you an effective pain relief, but it also gives you great energy.

  1. Girl Scout Cookies

For those who are experiencing generalized pain, Girl Scout Cookies is definitely the perfect strain out there. It is known for its potent and high THC level, which is 25%. Because it has a very high THC level, one can expect pain relief almost instantly. Another advantage of using Girl Scout Cookies is that it does not make you feel sleepy. In fact, your focus and your energy are increased if you take this kind of strain. It is advisable though that you don’t start with Girl Scout Cookies, especially if it is your first time using cannabis.

  1. Redwood Kush

Anyone who is suffering from inflammation, generalized pain, and muscle spasms should try out Redwood Kush. Although it only has 13% THC levels, it is a guarantee that this popular marijuana strain will eliminate your pain almost instantly. For this reason, many people all over the world are learning how to cultivate this champion. It is an Indica dominant strain that can relieve minor pains and even chronic and severe pains. Aside from experiencing great relief, Redwood Kush is also known for its relaxing and sedating effects. Because it has a sedative effect, it is not recommended for daytime use. Use it if you want to chill and relax during the evening.

  1. OG Kush

OG Kush is one of the very popular marijuana strains out there. No matter where you are from, we are pretty sure that you have heard of this name. It has a rich 24% THC level and is the best marijuana for all types of pain. From minor pains to severe ones, OG Kush is an incredible and powerful strain that has a strong cerebral effect. It is not advisable for beginners. If you are experiencing back pain and have severe migraines, then OG Kush should be on your list.


  1. Northern Lights

Northern Lights is the best strain for people who are suffering from arthritis, chronic pain, back pain, and any severe pain. What makes this strain more interesting is that it is also perfect for relieving stress and depression. This Indica dominant strain has a 17% THC level and is known for providing users with very calming and relaxing effects. You should be able to get Northern Lights almost anywhere since they are very popular.

  1. AK47

Don’t let the name of AK47 intimidate you, this is actually one of the best marijuana strains out there that can make you feel more calm and relaxed. Not only is AK47 known for its relaxing and uplifting effects, but it is also known for its many painkilling attributes. It has 15% THC level that is excellent for getting rid of the generalized pain. If you search on the Internet today, you will discover that many growers around the world are starting to import these kinds of strains.

  1. Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple is the right strain for those who are suffering from muscle spasms, joint pain, and even chronic pain. It has a 20% THC level which is perfect for people who are experiencing insomnia, stress, as well as pain. This is also the perfect strain for people who wanted to ease their pain and at the same time wanted to relax.

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