Where To Buy Marijuana Seeds Online?

Where To Buy Marijuana Seeds Online?

One of the most common questions that first-time growers ask is where to buy marijuana seeds online? Do you purchase seeds from a local seed bank or do you buy seeds from online seedbanks? If you are new to buying and growing weed at home, this guide will help you decide whether you want to buy seeds online or from a physical store. What’s the difference, what are the pros and cons of each? Find out and shop smart for your cannabis seeds needs.

Online seedbanks

Online cannabis seed bank sites are shopping sites exclusively for cannabis seeds. You will also find seedbanks that also sell cannabis in different forms and cannabis smoking and growing accessories. Buying online lets you buy cannabis from the convenience of buying seeds from the comfort of your own home. Because the internet opens us to many awesome possibilities, you can now purchase cannabis seeds from almost anywhere around the world. From small shops in The Netherlands to large businesses in Canada, you can buy almost any kind of marijuana seed. But no matter what happens, you must always observe safety when you buy seeds or anything online. Keep in mind that there are online entities that could take advantage of first-time growers who are looking for good seeds. You will be able to purchase top quality seeds from online seedbanks.


  • You will find a large variety of cannabis seed strains online

You will be able to find a wide variety of cannabis strains from online seedbanks. Most breeders and growers sell their seeds from online seedbanks and there is a huge possibility that you will be able to choose from a large number of seeds strains. Instead of finding a wide selection of seeds from one seed bank, you can also buy seeds from different sites and also from different countries. At this rate, no one can stop you from buying tons of different seeds.

  • There is a large number of breeders and growers online

When you shop your cannabis seeds online, you may also be able to meet online a large number of breeders and growers. You will get a chance to buy seeds from breeders from California, Spain, Ecuador, Jamaica, Hawaii and a lot more. When you shop online, you will have a good supply of quality seeds coming from world-class cannabis seedbanks.

  • You will find new strains from all over the world

You may now purchase all kinds of cannabis varieties from all around the world. This is your chance to grow different strains so you can improve your skills and talents as a grower. There are new strains from different places and these may even inspire you to become a breeder. This is a new way grow new strains that will be able to provide you with more yield, that is more resilient to diseases and are resilient to molds.

  • Find out new growing techniques for different strains

Because you can now purchase seeds from popular seedbanks online, you will also get your hands on good tips and techniques from successful growers and breeders online. You will be able to find easy and effective techniques that you can use on your plants right away. And if you are new to growing cannabis, these tips will help you find the best techniques to grow cannabis. You can use tips that will save money, time and effort for a bigger yield.


  • Be wary of scam sites that victimize cannabis growers

Some first time growers who buy marijuana seeds online for the first time fall victim to scam sites because they forget the very first thing about buying seeds online. This is to check if the site is legit or not. Shop smart so you won’t become victim to these scam sites.

  • Be careful about providing sensitive information online

You need to give your personal information like your credit card information and banking information to shop for cannabis seeds. You don’t need to provide these when you shop from local seedbanks. If you must shop online, you must protect your identity by shopping smart. You should buy only from real seedbanks so you can protect your identify and keep your credit card information safe.

  • Be careful when paying for your purchases online

There are a number of payment options to choose from when you buy marijuana seeds online. You can use a credit card to pay for your purchases but with this, you can place your credit account at risk. Therefore you must make sure that you are buying seeds from legal sites to secure your personal and your credit information.

Local seedbanks

When you buy cannabis seeds from local suppliers you might be initially worried that the shops here only have a small number of seeds but no doubt that these seeds are of the best quality and therefore will be viable. When you purchase from local shops you will have limited seeds to choose from but no doubt you will be able to take your cannabis home immediately from the store. There is no more waiting for orders. Buying from local suppliers will also promote local growers and will also encourage the discovery of new strains.


  • You may be able to buy seeds conveniently

Purchasing from local seedbanks will surely make it more convenient to buy seeds. You will be able to buy from a local seed bank and purchase as many seeds as you want. You won’t have to wait very long to get your purchases and paying extra for shipment and deliveries. This is also cheaper when you buy from local seed banks because you will never have to pay for deliveries and shipment at all.

  • You can buy your seeds and take it home to grow ASAP

When you buy from local seed banks, you won’t have to wait for weeks for your orders to arrive home. You can come home with all the seeds you want to go when you order from local seedbanks. Waiting for orders will only be a waste of time.

  • Get to know breeders and growers personally when you visit local seedbanks

You will be able to meet with breeders and growers when you buy seed. Here you will be able to talk with actual breeders and growers locally. You will be able to get to know these important people and get good tips for your next to grow. You can get to check out an actual convention or contest for cannabis when you purchase from local seedbanks.

  • You can also buy cannabis smoking and growing accessories

You will be able to get your hands on the most precious, popular and most sought-after cannabis seeds strains and you can also buy smoking and growing equipment as well. There are a lot of accessories and most of these are very expensive when these are purchased online. When you buy from a local store, you will have a chance to choose from a wide variety of accessories as well.

  • Take advantage of discounts and deals from local seedbanks

Yes, will be able to take advantage of discounts and promos coming from local seedbanks. Most local seedbanks offered by online seedbanks are basically more generous to keep their customers happy and contented. Don’t be afraid to ask your budtender or your local shopkeeper for any discounts and deals.


  • Most local shops lack variety when it comes to cannabis seeds strains

Some growers agree that they would rather order from an online seed bank because local shops are inefficient when it comes to selling rare and popular seeds strains. If you want these kinds of strains then you might find these from online seedbanks.

  • You may not find dispensaries or local shops near you

One of the most common cons of buying locally is that it is rare you will find dispensaries and shops from where you are. Usually, you will find local seed shops in cities in countries like Canada and The Netherlands. Most dispensaries here are found within the city and people in rural areas need to travel far just to buy quality cannabis seeds.

  • It’s hard to buy locally if it’s illegal from where you are located

If buying and consuming cannabis is illegal from where you are located then it would be hard to find local dispensaries or seedbanks. You would surely resort to just buying from online seedbanks or from the black market instead.


Where to buy marijuana seeds online is up to you. If you are located in a place where it’s hard to purchase seeds locally and it is convenient to purchase seeds online then this may be the best way for you to find top quality seeds. If you live in a country where cannabis is regulated or are inaccessible from your area then you can buy your seeds from local seedbanks if these are available. Always consider the pros and cons of using an online seed bank or a local seed bank before you make up your mind and purchase what you want.

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