Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds: Local Suppliers VS Online

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds: Local Suppliers VS Online

Where to buy cannabis seeds? From a local supplier or from an online seed bank? To answer this question, you must understand the benefits of each and also the cons of using an online site and buying from a local supplier. We know it’s hard to purchase cannabis seeds especially with the ever-present restrictions in many countries and places around the world. The key is to weigh in your options so can find the best way to purchase cannabis seeds.

Online purchase

Online cannabis seedbanks provide growers with the convenience of just buying seeds from the comfort of their own homes. Because of the amazing capabilities of the internet, we can now purchase even from a quaint cannabis grower from Spain or from a popular seed bank site from the UK. But no matter what, you have to be more careful when purchasing seeds online since there are a lot of people taking advantage of growers who are looking for good seeds. You must be vigilant; you need to be a smart shopper so you will be able to purchase the best quality seeds from online seedbanks.


  • A wide variety of cannabis seed strains

You can count on buying a wide variety of cannabis strains online. Because most breeders and growers sell their products online there is a huge possibility that you will be able to choose from a wide variety of seeds.

And aside from finding a wide selection of seeds from one seed bank, you will be able to purchase seeds from different sites from different countries. Nothing can stop you from buying any type of seed at any quantity.

  • A large number of breeders and growers

By shopping for cannabis seeds online, you will be able to get your hands on a large number of breeders and growers. You will find seeds from top breeders from California, Spain, Ecuador, Jamaica, Hawaii and more. Because you are shopping online, you will always have a good supply of top quality seeds from world-class sources when you buy cannabis seeds online.

  • New strains from across the world

As mentioned, you will be able to purchase all kinds of cannabis varieties all around the world. Therefore, you will get the chance to grow different strains and to perfect your skills and talents as a grower. New strains coming from different places may even push you to become a breeder. This is another way cultivate new strains that can give you more yield, plants that are more resilient to diseases and molds and plants that can grow more buds.

  • Get to learn breeding and growing techniques for different strains

Because you can now purchase seeds from popular seedbanks online, you will also get your hands on good tips and techniques from successful growers and breeders online. You will be able to find easy and effective techniques that you can use on your plants right away. And if you are new to growing cannabis, these tips will help you find the best techniques to grow cannabis. You can use tips that will save money, time and effort for a bigger yield.

  • Connect with people who love marijuana all over the world

The web connects you with people with the same advocacy to growing and using cannabis and buying seeds online will be your first step in connecting with these people. You are now part of a new collective, a group who loves and lives cannabis. You can join blogs and social media sites to meet growers, consumers, and breeders.


  • You must be very careful in choosing the ideal cannabis seed bank to purchase seeds

Some people who buy online fall victim to scam sites because they fail to assess if the site is legit or not. You must learn how to shop smart so you won’t fall victim to these kinds of sites.

  • You need to provide sensitive information just to shop

You are required to give your personal information especially your credit card information and banking information just to shop. You won’t have to reveal this out when you shop from local seedbanks. But if you must shop online, protect your identity by shopping smart. Buy only from legit sites so you will be able to protect your identify and keep your financial and credit information safe.

  • You need to pay using your credit card and other sensitive payment options

Although there are a number of payment options available the most widely accepted is credit card payment and doing so can place your account at risk. Again, you must make sure that you are buying only from legit and safe sites to secure your personal and credit information.

Local suppliers

Buying from local suppliers is a good thing especially if there are local seedbanks where you are located. Local suppliers may only keep a small number of seeds but it’s a guarantee that these seeds are of top quality and will be viable. Buying from local shops seem limited but no doubt fulfilling since you will be able to take your cannabis home from the store. No more waiting for orders that could even be held in customs. Buying from local suppliers also promotes local growers and will encourage growing cannabis and crops that will help enhance your talents and skills to grow different strains.


  • Very convenient to buy cannabis locally

Buying from a local site will make it more convenient to buy seeds. You can just buy from a local store and come out with a bag full of seeds. There is no need to wait very long for your purchases and paying extra for deliveries. No doubt that it is also cheaper when you buy seeds locally because you won’t be paying for deliveries or shipment anymore.

  • You can get your seeds home ASAP

There is no need to wait for weeks for your package to arrive. You can order, pay and walk out of the store without the need to wait very long. Waiting for orders take time and waste a lot of time. There are actually some complaints from online consumers that their seeds arrive germinated because it took really long for these to arrive!

  • You can meet breeders and growers personally and get some tips

Yes, you can meet and converse with breeders and growers online when you buy seeds but you will be able to converse with actual breeders and growers locally. You can get to know these people and get good tips to help you with your next grow. You might even get to check out an actual convention or a contest for cannabis when you buy from local shops.

  • Aside from cannabis seeds, you can also buy marijuana smoking accessories

You will not just get your hands on the top seeds but you will also be able to buy headgear and other smoking and growing equipment from a local store. There are a lot of accessories related to cannabis and most of these are very expensive when purchased online. When you buy locally, you will get a chance to choose from a variety of accessories as well.

  • You will be able to get instant discounts and avail of promos

Yes, you can avail of great discounts and promos from local seedbanks. Most offers provided by online seedbanks are also offered, more generously by local seedbanks to keep customers happy and contented. If you don’t find any promos when you come into the store, don’t be afraid to ask. Your local budtender will be glad to help.


  • Consumers find local shops lacking in popular and rare seeds

There are some consumers who would rather order online because they find local seedbanks inefficient and lacking when it comes to rare and popular seeds strains. If you are looking for these kinds of strain then you might try your luck from online seedbanks.

  • There are hardly any local shops and dispensaries anywhere

The most common disadvantage of buying locally is that dispensaries and shops are not readily available from where people are. This happened even if cannabis use is already legal just like in Canada. Most dispensaries are located within the city and people located in the rural areas have to travel far just for seeds.

  • Buying and growing cannabis are not legal from where you are

Of course, buying cannabis seeds is the best option when it is prohibited from where you are located. You have no choice but to order and to simply ship it discretely to you.

Where to buy cannabis seeds is entirely up to you. If you live in a place where it’s hard to buy seeds locally and it is more convenient to purchase seeds online then you may find it more effective to buy online. But if you live in a country where cannabis is regulated and there are dispensaries accessible from your area then, by all means, buy your seeds from these shops. Consider the pros and cons of using each before you make up your mind.

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