Canada vs. Uk: Where Can I Buy the Best Marijuana Seeds?

Canada vs. Uk: Where Can I Buy the Best Marijuana Seeds?

Due to the fact that the legal restrictions for the utilization and sales of marijuana have been lowered to some cities and states, the business is growing every day improving the economy of the area. As of today, there are roughly 25 states worldwide who legalized the use of marijuana while some are still testing the waters. This gave us an idea about differentiating two of the biggest countries who lowered their legal restrictions for both medicinal and recreational use together with the best seeds they offer, United Kingdom and Canada.


What Should You Consider Buying Marijuana Seeds?

You do not always get the best quality seeds especially if you are a newbie in the field. Make sure that you will be able to scrutinize the quality of each and every seed that you will be buying to avoid putting your money into waste. Consider the number of customers, the way it is processed, and proper storage. There are factors that you need to consider in buying your own marijuana seeds. We made a list of these factors which tackles about being well-aware and mindful during the most crucial parts of buying the best marijuana seeds.

  1. Space Restrictions

Not all marijuana strains are eligible to be grown in a small area, some require a large space for equal absorption of lighting, ventilation, and nutrients. Growing indoors for plants with a bigger yield will be a problem especially for air circulation. This may lead to delay or inability to grow. Be well-informed about the nature of the strain that you are growing especially what the requirements during its cultivation. Growing marijuana outdoors would not be a problem if you have a large area to shelter your plants. This is a natural way of growing marijuana because of its environmental factors such as natural lighting and natural air.

2. Odor

The odor of growing marijuana varies on the strain. Some are pleasant while some are not. Not because the legal restrictions have been lowered for growing and using marijuana does not necessarily mean that you would not take into consideration the neighborhood surrounding you. Some strains induce an unpleasant odor which bothers the people nearby. This is the reason why most people prefer growing marijuana indoors. If you have plans on growing outdoors, it is best if you can just use carbon filters that will help in eliminating the smell.

3. Growth

Another fundamental factor to consider is the style of growth required by the strain. Bear in mind that plants can be grown in different scenarios. Some stay small and bushy while some grow tall yet thin depending on the condition it was grown. Cultivating marijuana can be sensitive at times that is why you need to be well-acquainted with the strain that you are trying to grow as well as its other growing requirements.

4. Flowering Time

The average flowering time of marijuana is seven up to 12 weeks at the most depending on the strain that you are trying to grow. Some strains take longer to flower than the other while some flower in a short span of time. You have to be well-acquainted with the season that is compatible with what the strain is requiring because environmental conditions is a big factor in marijuana cultivation.

Cannabinoid Content

Either for medicinal or for recreational utilization, marijuana lovers seek for the cannabinoid content of each strain for this is the proof of its potency. These are the levels of tetrahydrocannabinol, cannabidiol, and cannabinol. The levels of cannabinoid make each strain’s effects different from the other. Some work well for pain relief and inflammation while some works for stress-related syndromes.

1. Audience

What is the target of these seeds that you will be buying? Does it work well for recreational use? Is it best in addition to medical treatments? What is the target audience of this strain that you are interested in? It is best too if you check the reviews done by marijuana connoisseurs to ensure the satisfaction and of course, to make the most out of your money.

2. Legality

Not all marijuana strains are legal to get a hold of considering that they are still testing the waters of what marijuana can offer. It is best if you will be checking the legal restrictions of your country in terms of marijuana growth and utilization to avoid unwanted cases and penalties.


Three Best Marijuana Seed Stores in Canada


  1. Canadian Seed Bank

One of the most established seed banks in Canada, Canadian Seed Bank. They provide premium quality seeds and buds at a very reasonable price. They do not just value your needs but as well as your budget. Canadian Seed Bank comes up with deals, sales, and discounts. On their website, you will be able to check the availability of each of their strains as well as the reviews made by those who purchased it. The good thing about it is that they come up with more techniques to improve their sales as well as the trust of their customers.


  1. Ontario Seed Bank

If you are seeking for a seed bank which features high-quality seeds and buds, Ontario Seed Bank should be on top of your list. Navigating their website, you will be able to sort out the available strains according to its price and popularity. You will be able to evaluate the strains that you will be buying since there are reviews done by customers. The information on their site is very limited though making it hard for the buyers to distinguish its legitimacy. Through the span of time that the legal restrictions for the use of cannabis have been lowered, they have come up with ideas and other techniques to increase their sales.


  1. True North Seed Bank

A seed bank that values what you need. As you pull up their website, they will give you a variety of options depending on your personal preferences sorted out by their means of cultivation, sex, color, classification, and type. The good thing about their site is that searching for your preferred strain can be narrowed down by its cannabinoid content, yield, flowering time, taste, effects, growing requirements, and awards. They also promote more of their best-selling strains as well as strains which are sold on a seasonal basis.


Three Best Marijuana Seed Stores in UK


  1. Grizzly Seed Bank

A seed store where you can find an excellent variety of marijuana strains, Grizzly Seed Bank. It is one of the established dispensaries in the United Kingdom selling premium quality seeds and buds. They come up with the idea of giving away free seeds for every purchase which makes the customers seek for more. Apart from this, they also feature their best-selling seeds on their website together with the reviews made by the ones who purchased it. It is a guarantee that they provide only the best of marijuana seeds.


  1. Attitude Seed Bank

Whether it is for recreational or medicinal purposes, Attitude Seed Bank has it all. They have their products sorted out according to its classification, cannabinoid content, awards received, flowering time and even brand. Every month, they come up with promotions that increase their sales and help their customer get a better deal of their money. The good thing about Attitude Seed Bank is that they offer a variety of seeds that will satisfy both your needs and wants and that you no longer have to compromise according to your budget too. They provide recommended strains for the month as well as the ten best-selling strains. Uploads on social media sites, you will be able to have updates about their new promotions and deals.


  1. Dinafem Seed Bank

A seed bank which offers premium quality seeds that will suit not just your needs but as well as your budget. Dinafem Seed Bank has been in the business since early 2018 and is continuing to stand out because of the products they offer. The strains they sell is sorted out in accordance with the brand. Dinafem is a Seed Market which offers all kinds of marijuana seeds and buds. Since they are a large company, you tend to find a better deal than the other since there is a variety of brands to choose from.

Beforehand, we all know that marijuana can be used for both medicinal and recreational purposes which became a big thing for our public health. The potency of each marijuana strain is impressive considering that most if not all users use it in addition to their medical treatments. But, we have to be mindful of our sources, from where it all came from. Some marijuana seed banks are claiming to provide quality seeds when in reality they just mix it with the dormant ones as extenders. Where can you buy the best marijuana seeds, you ask? Based on the geographical information, legal restrictions, reviews of seed banks, we believe that Canada offers better quality seeds than the United Kingdom. Well, yes, both are of premium quality, but considering nature where all these seeds came from as well as how it was sheltered, Canada offers a better deal.

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