Best Cannabis Seeds for Growing in Hot Climate

Best Cannabis Seeds for Growing in Hot Climate

Though cannabis seeds will grow in hot climate just by ensuring these get enough water, there are weed strains that will thrive and prosper. When you buy from a marijuana seed shop, you will be presented with a whole load of choices. Targeting the weed strains to cultivate will ensure the ease of plant care and a superb harvest, not to mention less expensive.

Ideal Climate For Plant To Prosper

As the various cannabis strains development is crucial, the ideal climate conditions should be met along with other factors. If a plant suffers, it won’t develop properly and if there is a harvest, it might be lousy. As any marijuana seed can grow given the right conditions, there are ways to make sure that it thrives not just strives to survive. It is possible to use heat-stress methods that include giving additional supplements, using certain pots, and placing cooling fans.

Natural Habitat and Origin

When the lineage is known, it is possible to choose it as marijuana that’ll grow in hot climates. Afghan weed strains will grow beautifully in sunny and dry conditions. There are heat resistant cannabis strains that do thrive because of the genetics. Other factors that make a marijuana plant prosper and yield a great harvest is the hybrid vigor and how it adapts.

Depending on the origin, sativa types have heat resistance. Other weeds stains that hail from Africa and Hawaii have a good heat tolerance level. Haze plants can also thrive. Autoflower cannabis plants are not naturally heat resistant but due to breeding, there are some weeds strains that will do well in hot weather conditions.

Equatorial landrace cannabis strains will thrive as that is the natural condition these are used to. These plants are resistant to heat and also drought-resistant. Yet, many marijuana plants are bred to adapt and do perform well when grown indoors or outdoors in less than ideal climate conditions.

Marijuana Seed Shop Hot Climate Strains

Tangerine Dream. With a totally fragrant orange aroma, this weed strain loves hot weather conditions. Easy to grow, Tangerine Dream is high yielding with a harvest that averages at about 450 grams. It takes 9 to 10 weeks to flower. This will provide creative buzz with energy.

Blueberry. With the fragrance and taste of tangy sweet blueberries, this provides a long-lasting euphoric high. These sturdy plants grow well in full sun conditions.

LSD. This indica can bring about couch lock for that gaming mode. This medical marijuana works as an appetite stimulant, an antidepressant, as a stress reliever, and provides excellent pain relief. Easy to grow, the harvest averages at 600 grams.

Northern Lights. Legendary, this indica is notably one of the most popular weed strains in the world. It is an antidepressant, stress-reliever, appetite-stimulant, and provides pain relief. Fast-growing, this plant can be 2 meters tall when grown outdoors. The yield can be as high as 600 grams.

White Widow. This powerful weed is a social strain. It has a potent buzz that brings about a boost of energy. It is easy to grow and high yielding. It will do well in hot and warm climate conditions.

Grape Ape. This plant has astonishingly beautiful dark purple leaves. It is has a strong grape aroma. The buzz is relaxing. This medical marijuana strain works to get rid of anxiety, depression, and stress. It is also a cure for insomnia. It can thrive in full sun or partial shade. The yield can be as high as 750 grams. This plant requires pruning and trimming.

Amnesia Haze. Strong, the mellowing effect of this weed strain brings about a superb relaxed mode. The harvest of the lime green dense buds can be as high as 700 grams per plant. This sativa thrives in sunny conditions. It is highly effective in providing pain relief and getting rid of stress.

Kaya Gold. Easy to grow, resistant to molds, this sativa can bloom in as little as 8 to 9 weeks. High yielding, this social weed strain can bring about relaxed mode. This thrives in hot conditions and does well when grown outdoors with a minimum of plant care.

There are other cannabis plants that will prosper in hot climate conditions such as African Free, Early Maroc, Caprichose Thai, Karamelo, Mango Zamal, Krystalica, Pakistan Chitral Kush, Sandstorm, Spice, Kalichakra, Congo and Old Timer Haze.

Proper Marijuana Plant Care

As any cannabis plant can be cultivated when provided with the right conditions, it is possible to make these yield a great harvest with the proper care. The growing medium can have the addition of polymers so that the water retention capability is improved. It is also possible to add mulch or straw to the soil surface to reduce the evaporation of water.

The root system can be provided more protection by being planted in the ground, in huge, white pots, or pots that are covered with insulating material. Planting cannabis in partial shade conditions can also aid the plants. There are shading meshes that limit the exposure to the hot sun that can also be used.

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