Canada Marijuana Seed Banks VS Marijuana Seed Banks USA: Compared

Canada Marijuana Seed Banks VS Marijuana Seed Banks USA: Compared

Ever since cannabis became legal in Canada and in some parts of the USA and the rest of the world, there has been a growing concern that a shortage in supply might incur because of the high demand among users. This has led a lot of users to grow their own supplies at home by purchasing seeds from marijuana seed banks USA and Canada.

What Are Seed Banks?

Cannabis seed banks function like any other seed bank in the sense that they are made to preserve seeds that are threatened by extinction either due to animals or due to extreme weather conditions. They first arrive in the scenes back in the 80s when international groups began to prepare seed banks as they felt like there were certain types of strains that were in danger of becoming extinct.

What do seed banks do?

  • To preserve the cannabis plants’ biodiversity.
  • To guard against possible diseases that may alter the plant’s genetics.
  • To protect the crops from going extinct due to the effects of rapid climate change.
  • To protect the marijuana plants from the dangers of some man-made destructive forces.
  • To preserve them from natural disasters and extreme weather conditions.
  • To store the seeds and keep them safe in case they are needed for research purposes in the future.

Why Go for Cannabis Seed bBanks?

Most of the seeds sold in dispensaries today are feminized. This means that, while they do produce buds, they do not have seeds of their own. Meanwhile, seed banks have all kinds of seeds that can help you replenish your garden with plants that also produce their own seeds. And if the plants you buy from dispensaries and shops do indeed produce seeds, their quality certainly won’t be the same as the ones you can get in seed banks.

In a sense, dispensaries and marijuana shops sell seeds and plants that ideal only for consumption purposes once they grow and are not ideal for growing your own garden back at home. However, seed banks also sell feminized seeds and auto-flowering plants.

Marijuana seed banks not only contains seeds but they also breed them to produce different strains. And, as mentioned, they also produce and sell feminized seeds and auto-flowering strains. That said, by choosing to go to a seed bank, you will have access to rare and high-quality strains or to any kinds of seeds.

What are the differences between Canadian seed banks compared to the rest of the world?

  1. Who is qualified to buy?

In Canada, anyone legally qualified to purchase marijuana according to the laws of the different provinces of the country can also purchase the seeds from marijuana seed banks.

In the rest of the world, every country is different. There aren’t a lot of countries that have fully legalized cannabis plants and marijuana seeds. This means that seed banks around the world won’t sell marijuana seeds to just about anyone.


  1. Where do they ship?

Most marijuana seed banks in Canada ship worldwide. However, seeds sold within Canada are fully legal and can be germinated or grown into full marijuana plants.

Meanwhile, though seed banks in different parts of the world also offer worldwide shipment, the seeds they sell are only for novelty purposes especially when they are sold in countries that have strict laws against marijuana.


  1. Quality

Since cannabis demand is consistently increasing in Canada, there won’t be a lot of top-quality marijuana being sold because of how suppliers are trying to keep up with the demand. Similarly, not all Canadian seed banks will be able to produce seeds of the highest quality though that may not usually be the case.

Meanwhile, because demand for marijuana and it seeds isn’t as high in the rest of the world as it is in Canada, you can be assured that seed banks around the world will be able to deliver you high-quality seeds more often than not.


  1. Price

Marijuana legalization in Canada serves as a huge tourism draw and a lucrative business idea for seed banks. Because of that, prices tend to be more expensive in Canada. The usual price tends to be $15 per seed.

In comparison, seeds sold in seed banks in other parts of the world tend to be less expensive. This means that you will get more seeds with your money if you buy from seed banks from the rest of the world.

When it comes to seed banks in Canada versus marijuana seed banks USA and in the rest of the world, there might not be a lot of differences other than those we have mentioned above. However, if you value price and quality especially if you live in Canada, you might want to check other seed banks first before prioritizing convenience.

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