Buy Marijuana Seed from Marijuana Seed Banks in Canada

Buy Marijuana Seed from Marijuana Seed Banks in Canada

You may have probably heard that Canada has finally embraced cannabis freedom! Last October 17, 2018, it has legalized the use, buying and growing of cannabis in all its provinces. Residents now enjoy the convenience of buying cannabis seeds from local seed banks and also, from these seedbanks’ corresponding online sites. These amazing improvements show that it has become better to buy from marijuana seed banks in Canada 

Why more residents choose to buy from marijuana seed banks in Canada ?

No longer will Canadian residents rely on black market cannabis sellers to get their seeds. Any resident in Canada can now buy cannabis from a Canadian seed bank. They can get a wide variety of cannabis seeds plus other cannabis growing and smoking equipment as well.  

These online and local dispensaries are all legal which means that you won’t get into trouble when you buy marijuana seeds from these businesses. Every province in Canada has designated places where their residents can buy their seeds as well as their weed. There may or may not be corresponding online seed bank sites for these dispensaries. The only way to find out is to check local laws about cannabis seeds purchase from each province.  

Another reason why more people choose seedbanks from Canada is that these seedbanks are professionals. They know what their customers want and they go out of their way to provide the best business structure for their customers. They understand what their customers look for in a cannabis dispensary, about popular recreational and medicinal strains and more.  

Still, another reason why people trust Canadian seedbanks is because they offer the best medicinal marijuana selections. You will be able to purchase all kinds of medical cannabis strains including top CBD strains for insomnia, stress, anxiety, pain, nausea, and depression. More and more people seek therapeutic relief from medical marijuana nowadays and only Canadian seedbanks will be able to provide top quality and legal strains to buy. 

Some complaints of consumers of Canadian seedbanks 

With the many advantages of buying from Canadian seedbanks, there are also some disadvantages according to people who have purchased personally from these seedbanks. Understand each one so you will be able to find the ideal seed bank that’s right for your needs.   

Expensive cannabis seeds 

Some consumers who have purchased cannabis seeds from Canadian seedbanks for recreational and medicinal purposes complain that the seeds are very expensive. So instead of buying cannabis from Canadian seedbanks, they have resorted to buying to other seedbanks that may not be accredited by the government. Consumers agreed that it was a risk to buy from these seedbanks but they were able to purchase quality and affordable seeds.  

Some marijuana seedbanks are not knowledgeable about their products 

Another complaint that some cannabis consumers are saying about Canadian seedbanks is that employees are not knowledgeable about their products. They have also reported that as soon as cannabis was legalized in the country, most of these seed banks we’re not ready to serve customers. Some reported a rush to sell as many seeds to customers at the most profitable prices to the point that they don’t have an idea about what they were selling. Employees are unaware of the type of strain, about the growing information like flowering times, plant height, type of soil needed, the ideal nutrients to give to plants and more. These complaints have driven customers to just purchase from experienced seedbanks or from sites that are knowledgeable about their products.  

Some seeds strains may not be available 

There are Canadian seed banks that do not have the strains that growers are looking for. This complaint came from people who were looking for popular and exotic strains. Usually, a Canadian seed bank may have a dozen or two dozen strains on their shelves but this is not enough to satisfy their customers. And so because of this, more people prefer to order the seed strain that they are looking for from online cannabis seedbanks.  

There are online seedbanks that offer more than 280 different strains and this is just the beginning. You can even purchase different types of cannabis like regular, Autoflowering and feminized seeds. You may even ask some online seedbanks to find the seeds or strains that you require which is a great way to shop for hard to find seeds. 

Some seedbanks sell low-quality cannabis seeds 

Another problem that some consumers noticed was that some seedbanks were selling low-quality seedbanks. This happens when you have recently purchased seeds, take your seeds home and then germinate these. The seeds may either fail to germinate or may not be able to grow at all.  

With experienced cannabis online seedbanks, they have guarantees on their seeds. They are able to give your money back in case the seeds fail to sprout for any reason. This is something that you should look for when searching for the best online cannabis seed bank to buy your seeds from. 

Lack of information for the buying public 

After cannabis seeds, Canada was legalized many people never considered buying from these seedbanks in fear of going to jail. People were misinformed to the point that some thought that they are violating the law when they order from cannabis seedbanks from Canada. This lack of knowledge is a factor that drove customers to other ways to buy their seeds. Most people did not have any idea what seeds to buy and how to grow them as well. Information which should be available online was also incorrect or severely limited. People simply continued to purchase from online seedbanks because they believed that this was the safest way to buy seeds. 

When you buy from experienced seedbanks, customers will not just purchase seeds but will also be getting the latest information on how to grow seeds. Experienced websites know how to grow and cultivate different kinds of cannabis strains and are very happy to share their knowledge and skills.  You will learn as you grow different seeds strains. 

Using an alternative to Canada cannabis seedbanks   

Fake, low quality and unknown strains can really be a pain which is why you must shop smart when it comes to the best online seedbanks. Let us make it clear that not all cannabis seedbanks from Canada are inexperienced, poor quality and have poor customer service. Some are good places to buy marijuana seeds in Canada.  

If you are interested in buying cannabis seeds from the country, you must still shop smart to find the ideal seed bank that’s right for your needs. Look for a professional online seed bank with hundreds of strains with the best weed seeds that you can ever find anywhere. Choose seedbanks that will provide you with good quality products and good service. Because of this kind of seedbanks, you will be able to save time, money and effort.  

Look for professional marijuana growers that will be able to provide you with more than just seeds but also information on growing marijuana seeds from Canada. Choose sites with growing guides and strain information because these will help you grow different strains easily.   

If you are growing medical cannabis strains, be sure to find the right and top-quality cannabis strains for medicinal use. It is not easy to find top quality seeds but when you know what you need, you will be able to find one soon. If you are still not using medical cannabis for your medical condition, consult your doctor for the best course of action. 

Your doctor will be able to provide the ideal strains that will work for your particular medical condition. Growing cannabis is legal in Canada; therefore, you can get permission to grow your own cannabis seeds for your own supply. You may also grow cannabis for your family member or for your patient if you are a caregiver.  

Growing cannabis rules in Canada 

After you buy from marijuana seed banks in Canada, you may now grow your cannabis seeds at home. You are allowed to do so if you are at least 18 years of age. You need a medical card to grow cannabis so be sure to consult your doctor. 

Minimum number to grow cannabis plants are only allowed to 5 plants. This number is per household and not per grower. You also need to take care of your plants and to prevent children and pets from accessing it. If you are growing indoors, place your plants under lock and key; grow in a secluded area of your home. If you are growing outdoors, erect a fence to safety your plants. Use means to reduce the smell.  

If you want seeds to be delivered to you, you must be at home to personally receive your orders. Otherwise, you must have someone at least 18 years of age to receive your orders. You or your representative should present identification to receive your order. Be sure to receive your package because this won’t be left at the doorstep. You will be asked to get your package from a nearby post office in case you missed it. In Canada, orders are delivered by Canada Post 

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