How Do Cannabis Seed Banks Ship Seeds?

How Do Cannabis Seed Banks Ship Seeds?

 Cannabis seed banks offer deliveries for customers but may have different policies when it comes to shipment and deliveries. Before you start ordering from any seed bank online or from local seed banks, find out the following

  • Rules and regulations against cannabis use, growing and purchasing where you are located

Is cannabis use, buying or growing regulated or prohibited in your area? If it is regulated then check if you can purchase from other seedbanks or if there is a designated seed bank where you can only purchase your seeds. In Canada, cannabis use has been legalized but those who wish to purchase seeds, cannabis products and accessories are not allowed to purchase from other seedbanks and dispensaries.

An online seed bank and a local dispensary in every province have been created to cater to consumers. These seedbanks have a variety of seeds strains to check out and this is so to prevent customers from turning to black market sites.

If you are not allowed to purchase from online cannabis seed banks from where you are located then you better think twice about having your cannabis seeds delivered.

  • The types of shipment or delivery options available

The kind of shipment or delivery options should be checked so you can find the one that applies to your condition. For instance, you might be living in a remote area and standard delivery options just won’t cut it. You need a seed bank that can deliver your orders using a courier.

And if you wish to remain anonymous when you have your seeds delivered then you can do so with the use of stealth delivery. Stealth delivery is having your orders delivered in an unmarked package with no logo and information about the recipient. This delivery option is usually offered for free by some premium seed bank but if it is not, contact customer service.

  • The cost of delivery

The cost of delivery is usually a factor that makes online deliveries more expensive. Of course, this may differ according to where you are located and the kind of delivery method you prefer. Take note that you can still turn back or cancel your purchase if you are not okay with the delivery fees. Make sure to compare at least three or four cannabis seed bank delivery rates to get the best one that will work with your budget.

  • Any promos or discounts for deliveries

Yes, there are special promos and discounts that you can get from different cannabis-related sites on the web. You will be able to input these codes after you have made your choice of the delivery method you prefer. The most common promo codes are about free shipment or free deliveries to your area. Usually, local areas or places that are near the seed bank company headquarters get free deliveries but make sure that this is so before you order. Still, there are discounts and promos related to free seeds, free shipment, free offers and more.

  • Any stealth deliveries available?

If there are stealth deliveries available then you can use then this is a good way to hide your identity when ordering seeds. Aside from placing your orders in unmarked packaging, your seeds may also be placed in a container or in an item to hide it. For instance, your seeds may be shipped inside picture frames, lamps, and other souvenir items. All you need to do is to open these items up and get your seeds once this arrives.

And when it comes to your credit card bills, stealth shipment works on these as well. You won’t find an entry that says you have purchased cannabis seeds from a cannabis seed banks but you will only find an amount with a corresponding name of a company.

How a Cannabis Seed Banks Ships Seeds?

Shipping cannabis seeds are just like shipping any other product. Cannabis seed banks take care of orders and are very keen on correct delivery information so that seeds can get to recipients as soon as possible. Here are the steps on how cannabis seed banks ship seeds to their customers.

  1. Orders are finalized and confirmation emails are sent to customers

The moment you are done with your order, this will be accumulated together with all other orders that have been made throughout the day. But immediately after you have made payment, you will receive an automatic email response from the seed bank to tell you that your order has been received and that it is being processed. The email you will receive contains the name of the company, its business address and other contact details. It will also contain details about your order namely the type of seed you ordered, the quantity and other details. Any type of promo or discount will also be indicated along with the total of your payment. It will also indicate the type of payment you made at the end.

Some confirmation emails have an estimated date of delivery as well as a tracking number. This is most especially true when you use a special courier service. A link to check your delivery using the tracking number is usually provided. You simply have to click the link and input your tracking number to find out.

  1. Orders are packed and processed

At the backend, people are working to get your orders shipped the same day. Your seeds will be placed in a package where it will be protected from heat, rain, and cold. Usually, seeds are inside their breeder’s packaging and most seedbanks maintain this. You might find your seeds placed in another packaging if you order these in bulk.

Shipping stickers are placed on the packaging; this will make sure that your orders get to their destinations. This is done very carefully with the staff checking and rechecking if everything is complete and in order. At the end of the day, all the orders have been processed and these are taken by respective shipping couriers and companies.

  1. Customers who want stealth shipment get what they want

Customers that indicate stealth shipment will have orders that need special preparation. Depending on the number of seeds that they ordered, these will be placed in things or items to hide the seeds. Some of the most common items used are CD cases, small clocks, lamps, and toys. The seeds will be placed somewhere inside these items. All you need to do is to remove the cover of the item to search for your seeds.

  1. Orders are shipped according to their respective methods

Orders will be shipped depending on the method you preferred. If you prefer to use special courier service then your order will be picked up by a special courier service from the headquarters and then ship these as you indicate it. This will not be opened unless authorities request this.  There is a possibility that your orders will be opened but usually, these will pass inspections especially when stealth option is used.

  1. Order numbers or tracking numbers are verified

The staff of the online seed bank will also verify if the shipment has been made especially for special deliveries. They may also use the tracking numbers that were sent to customers to find out if the packages are on their way.

If you are unable to verify this using a tracking number at your end, you can otherwise call customer service to verify your shipment. The customer service agent will help you out and tell you if your orders have been shipped using the tracking number given to you so don’t lose this.

  1. Orders are sent to you

In a matter of days to weeks, depending on the shipment method you indicated, your orders will arrive at your delivery address. When it does, the courier or the postman will ask for you so you can sign the delivery notice. Usually, you need to present an identification card to verify your identity and your age. Once everything checks out, you will need to sign and then your seeds are yours.

In case you are not at home to receive your order or orders, designate someone of age to receive these. You need to write a letter to designate a representative; he will be asked for identification to verify his identity and his age. In case no one is at home to receive the order, it won’t be left at the doorstep. You will receive a notice that you missed your orders and you need to claim it at the post office instead.

  1. Call customer service for any complaints

Sometimes orders don’t go so well that you may need to return it to the company. You must contact the company right away. Try to follow up them through call, send an email or use the customer contact form to notify them of any concerns. You must call if there is anything wrong about your order or call the cannabis seed bank to thank them for a job well done.

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