10 Interesting Facts About Marijuana in Toronto Canada

10 Interesting Facts About Marijuana in Toronto Canada

Toronto is essentially the marijuana capital of Canada. Vancouver was close, but it could not hold a candle to Ontario’s capital. Melbourne is also great for cannabis users, but it still cannot reach the same level as Toronto.

How well do you know about the marijuana law and other facets of Toronto? Let us enrich you with 10 interesting facts about the city such as the Toronto seed bank shops, laws, festivals, and much more.

1. Cannabis seed black markets enjoyed the Cannabis Legalization

According to the law, you can only buy seeds from a licensed cannabis store. Unfortunately, nearly all of the regulated seed banks or stores have any to sell. The reason for the shortage falls onto the licensed producers, the companies that supply regulated cannabis stores with marijuana products. Producers focused on building a supply of cannabis strain instead of seeds. They are likely aware of the seasonal demands for seeds which are often low during the last months of the year when the Cannabis legalization happened.

It should not be a surprise to anyone that unlicensed Toronto seed bank stores benefited the most upon the passing of the Cannabis Legalization. These shops answered the call of many new breeders that are looking to grow their own cannabis plants. Meanwhile, store owners have little to fear from the Government because there is little enforcement of the law ever since the 90s.

2. No limit on personal weed stash

Apart from the allowance for home cultivators to have up to four cannabis plants at home, there is no limit to how much marijuana strain you can have at home. This is a great news for Toronto residents who want to save up for the winter seasons and have a steady supply of cannabis at hand. Home occupants will also not be bothered by any legal limit if they have more than two cannabis users living within the house.

The home storage limit is not exclusive to just Ontario. Provinces such as Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland will also allow its residents to have any amount of cannabis strain at home. Unfortunately for B.C. residents, they can only have up to 1,000 grams of weed at home. Nunavut province is much stricter when it comes to legal limit that only allows a resident to have only up to 150 grams at home.

3. You can smoke marijuana in public

Ontario will follow the same rule it has set to smoking tobacco. Marijuana smoking is aligned to the Smoke-Free Ontario Act. This means that you can in public where tobacco smoking is legal. Take note that the rule also applies to vaporizers as well.

Another rule you need to be aware of is the restriction in smoking weed while on a running vehicle such as cars or boats. This applies to both the driver and passengers of the vehicle. Anyone caught violating this rule may face fines of around $1,000 to $5,000 if they are convicted.

4. Buying edibles are illegal

While cannabis strains and oils are legally available, buying edibles is illegal according to the Cannabis Legalization. The Canadian government is still working on the standards and rules when it comes to selling weed-infused food and drinks. This includes regulations that will prevent children from attempting to eat them. A good example of this is Colorado’s rules where edibles need to be in childproof packaging and is not in the shape of cartoons.

The Canadian government is always looking into protecting children from the risks of consuming cannabis products. Edibles are a different story and require more time for regulators to know how to sell them through legal channels with minors in mind. Bill Blair, a member of parliament for Scarborough Southwest, said “Part of the problem is, depending on how they are produced, packaged and sold, people have no idea the potency of what they’re taking,”

Fortunately, there are no rules that do not allow you to make your own edibles. You can simply purchase any strain as the base for your cannabutter, which you can use for various baked goods or dishes. Apart from making your own edibles, Toronto dispensaries are also selling edibles with little fear of getting in trouble with the authorities.

5. Free marijuana event

Yes, you are reading that right. Toronto had an event that offered free marijuana as a prize. This event is the Great Canadian Cannabis Scavenger Hunt. Participants form a team of up to four people and have a scavenger hunt map to follow. Teams with the most points or pics of scavenger items win the contest. The event had up to $25,000 of prizes and giveaway.

Apart from the scavenger hunt, there were plenty of activities to do during the Great Canadian Cannabis Scavenger Hunt. This includes a painting session, yoga lessons, and belly dancing. At midnight, organizers held a smoke out with the crowd and gave away various gifts.

6. Largest Canadian marijuana conferences

Marijuana conferences are the place for key personalities of the cannabis community as well as companies come together under the same roof. No one does it better in Canada than the Toronto Cannabis Expo. This is arguably the largest marijuana conference across Canada.

The Toronto Expo have cannabis companies displaying new products to the public. This includes marijuana strains, concentrates, and edibles. You can also catch growing demos that can help you with your cannabis seed cultivation at home.

7. Numerous cannabis lounges

Public smoking of marijuana might be allowed, but it is only limited to places where you can smoke cigarettes or any form of tobacco. Fortunately, Toronto is rich in cannabis lounges where you can freely light a joint in peace. Even before the Cannabis Legalization, there are plenty of weed-friendly places across the city.

You have lounges like Planet Paradise that offer a variety of food and drinks as well as some painting classes. Another is the Underground Comedy Club where upcoming and seasoned stand-ups take center stage.

8. Home of the popular multicultural market

The Kensington Market is a must-visit destination when you visit Toronto. This place is considered a National Historic Site of Canada and is home to several Toronto landmarks such as the Garden Car.

What makes Kensington Market worth visiting are the different cannabis shops peppered around the neighborhood. These shops also have the spirit of the city’s pot culture. If the munchies hit, there are incredible buckwheat crepes and amazing pies just waiting for you around the corner.

9. Most participated cannabis festival

The Toronto Freedom Festival is a gathering of a passionate group that celebrates the use of marijuana. Many advocates of the festival also express their ideas and thoughts on the current state of marijuana legalization in the country. Since 2007, the festival saw thousands of people join in on the celebration that happens across Toronto.

The annual festival is definitely worth participating. Live bands perform on an outdoor stage with numerous cannabis booths sell strains, edibles, and souvenirs. The highlight is the parade that runs through the major streets of Toronto.

10. Multiple medical marijuana clinics

Toronto is one of the major cities in Canada that offer more than one marijuana medical clinic. Before the Cannabis Legalization in October 2018, you can only use marijuana legally if you have a medical certificate. These clinics are where you can obtain a prescription to legally buy marijuana strains. It is important to note that not everyone can just get a prescription for any kind of marijuana. The medical staff will determine the type of strain that is suitable for your medical condition.

Medical clinics have been helpful in breaking the stereotypical negativity that surrounds the use of marijuana. This includes the view among doctors and physicians. Marijuana medical clinics can still help patients after the passing of the Cannabis Legalization by prescribing the right cannabis for their needs.

Knowing about the different facts about Toronto will help you see why Ontario’s capital is interesting to any cannabis users. This includes the leniency of the law against cannabis seeds and edibles sellers as well as the different events happening in the city. Its landmark market, cannabis shops, and medical clinics also make Toronto worth visiting.

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